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In addition to being Quinnipiac's freelance athletic photographer, I've also been contracted a handful of times to build additional graphics. As a Quinnipiac alum and diehard sports fan, having the opportunity to work with so many Quinnipiac staffers and student-athletes has been a real privilege.

Here We Go Q Graphic Series

Everyone from the student-athletes to the ice crew to the fans will tell you the same thing — there's nothing better than game day. And seeing your favorite player's face right before game time gets you a little extra pumped. This closeup graphic series for women's and men's ice hockey was designed to bring you closer to the players and throw out a little extra school spirit.

Season Ticket Books

I've built Quinnipiac's hockey and basketball season ticket books since 2015. As a season ticket holder, it's pretty darn cool to know that my images and my artwork is on those tickets. In previous years, Quinnipiac had used non-cutout version of images, and the images were very small on the tickets. It was near impossible to view a player's face clearly.

It took a couple of seasons of photographing Quinnipiac athletics to realize that not everyone has the same seats I do — after all, I'm used to sitting on the baseline behind a telephoto lens where it's easy to get close to the action. But how close did season ticket holders really get if they weren't sitting in the front few rows? Not close enough.

The biggest goal in redesigning the ticket books was to bring the action closer to the seats, and really 'give a face to the name.' A different student-athlete represents each game so that everyone gets some face time.

Bobcat Spots

When I came back from the NCAA Frozen Four in 2013, albeit heartbroken from Quinnipiac losing to Yale in the final, it was with the idea to create a 'find the differences' game. The NCAA put forth some in-game entertainment that I knew we could build upon at Quinnipiac.

After a little brainstorming, I came up with the name "Bobcat Spots" and developed a pilot, the idea being, "let's get people to put down their cell phones and take a journey together, even if only for 90 seconds at a time." Fast forward to present day...where Quinnipiac orders 10-20 per season.

There are a lot of really fun things about being the creator of Bobcat Spots and seeing my creations on the big screen, but I think my favorite parts are A.) watching the emotions of the fans around the arena as they play the game and work together with their friends; and B.) seeing my fellow season ticket holder friends turn to me and tell me how many they got right on any given night.

Here's a medium difficulty Bobcat Spots for you to try!


CT Clipper Ad

Clipper Ads are fun because they tend to bring in folks who wouldn't normally attend a game...so any time we can get some new butts in the seats, that's a win in my book!

The challenge with this ad was the sheer amount of content that needed to be included. Full schedules, an intro, coupons, logos, wowza! But it all came together nicely, and Quinnipiac has since ordered the same design from me several times.


In December 2018, I was hired to create posters for Quinnipiac's basketball and hockey programs. I was tasked with everything from concept, to photo shoot, to design. Though the hockey posters came out great, I like the basketball posters a lot more, mainly because I think my photos are spot on with the student-athletes' personalities.

The last photo is one of my favorites from the 2018-19 season. Abdulai Bundu, one of the nicest (and quietest) guys you'll meet, took some time to sign autographs and pose with a couple of fans. It absolutely never gets old seeing my work in the field — and seeing it used as a catalyst bringing fans and student-athletes together is just awesome and makes my day every. single. time. I see it.

Women's Hockey Wallpaper

Former women's ice hockey star Alicia Barry and I did a photo shoot at the end of her senior year. The image you see here is one of my favorites from the shoot. I include this in my portfolio for a few reasons... The first is that it took Alicia a few tries to nail this pose. We had to communicate and iron out the wrinkles to get the perfect shot. Things like where her hand should be and what angle her head to be at to look natural were part of our on-set discussion. I'm proud of our work together — and when all was said and done, we ended up with an iconic image that not only became a wallpaper, but also sits as an acrylic mural in the women's ice hockey locker room lounge.

Women's Ice Hockey Recruit Arena Graphics

In a pinch one season, Quinnipiac women's ice hockey reached out to me to ask for a few graphics they could send their recruits. I was provided with a few phrases that the staff wanted to feature, and it was up to me to figure out how the visual would come together. So...I hopped in my car, drove to the arena, and started taking photos. All wide angle (24mm or less). All encompassing the architectural beauty of the arena.

The short text snippets made for some great typography designs, which I overlaid with a gold texture for some additional depth to the image. The design is purposefully simple, and has become a staple for women's ice hockey to send to their recruits on signing day.

Bobcat Booms

Quinnipiac had an on-staff videographer during the 2019-2020 season, who I became pretty good game day friends with before he moved to Montana. He created some great stuff in his short time at Q, but one of my favorite things is Bobcat Booms! It features some of his favorite photos of mine from a variety of seasons, and plays right before puck drop! Additional booms have been made for women's ice hockey, and men's and women's basketball.

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