Web and Visual Design for Identiv, a global leader in digital security

I've been a full-time employee of Identiv (INVE) since 2011, where I've developed Wordpress, Joomla, Magento and Shopify sites. My role on the marketing team has grown over the years to also include building and sending HTML emails, designing and delivering collateral, and photographing Identiv's entire product catalog.

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HTML Emails

I've designed, built and sent out over 550 emails for Identiv since 2018, using programs Pardot, Act-On, Constant Contact, and MailChimp.

My approach to email blasts is to keep them as simple as possible, especially because Identiv views itself as a "house of brands," rather than one brand that has acquired and absorbed other brands. If the emails aren't kept simple, it becomes convoluted which brand the messaging is for, and ultimately reduces the amount of click throughs. Balancing this with the whole 'people have really short attention spans' thing is also a big reason why our emails are kept super-simple.

One of the most consistent challenges with Identiv's emails is trying to find a way to bring down the amount of content the product management and product marketing teams want to use. Quick shoutout to our copywriter, who always does a fabulous job of brainstorming with me how we can bring character counts down to bite-sized portions!

Updated Collateral Designs

I was recently tasked with re-designing Identiv's data sheet, case study, and installation guide templates. My goal was mainly to clean up the content structure (given that these are fairly technical documents), but also to use bigger imagery.

The old documents were almost entirely text with very little breathable space. They also seemed to lack a specific brand presence. Both were additional goals that I added once the project was handed to me.

Tradeshow Graphics

In the pre-COVID world, Identiv regularly attended somewhere between 20 - 40 global trade shows & live events per year. Whether it was a 12 foot high wall...or a 6" postcard...or something in-between, I supplied graphic support to our presence at those shows and worked directly with printers/fabricators to see our booth designs come to life.

Product Photography

In 2016, after several years of receiving cell phone quality images on a board room table under fluorescent lights, I volunteered myself to become Identiv's product photographer. No image we had prior to 2016 was good enough for print — none was above 96 DPI. It made my job as the designer near-impossible, so I asked Identiv that I be part of the solution. To date, I've photographed over 100 products for the company.

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In The Wild

One of the greatest challenges Identiv has faced over the years is the lack of ability to produce real-world imagery. Here are a few examples of products that I photographed for Identiv that were then blended into a scene.

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