Brand Development and Design for The Fallout

I was tasked with creating the identity for The Fallout in mid-2018, piecing together requests from 8 different team members to understand what they wanted in their finished product. I enjoyed this project tremendously — beyond the logo, I was given free rein to create!

The Fallout's Brand Guide
The Fallout Poster

Hey There, Big Fella

Prior to Bowlmor's corporate takeover in 2020, you could walk into Circle Lanes in East Haven, CT, and see a nice big welcome poster from The Fallout. It definitely wasn't the first thing you'd see when you walked in the door, but it was right next to the desk. You couldn't miss it, and that's exactly what the team wanted. The Underground Bowling Association, albeit a little scary sounding, is growing some big time roots across the country — so getting some messaging into the center was important to the team.

Just before going to print, I decided I'd stick an NFC tag to the back of the poster (see lower right corner). Any NFC-ready device could be tapped to the tag, and the user would be taken to a pre-programmed URL of our choice. For this initial poster, the tag just went on over to the team's website, which you can see below.

Screenshot of

Total Destruction Flyer

As The Fallout became a bigger name in the UBA, the need for well designed collateral grew. Several members of the team asked if I would assist in building them a flyer template they could use for a series of events they planned to host in 2019, which they titled "Total Destruction". With a lot of information to convey, my goal was to keep the design simple, clean, to the point, and on brand.

Flyer Design: The Fallout Sweeper Series | Total Destruction

Team Merch

As a result of the growth of the team, the need arose to represent the team off the lanes. I created a small collection of swag and worked with a local printer to get the items off the ground. I also created a very basic eCommerce site in Magento to accept the orders, but the site is definitely not portfolio-worthy.

The merch has made us a more sought after team, as we're better looking (well, clothing anyway) than the rest of the teams! All items needed to be voted on by the team before being released into the wild.

Examples of The Fallout Swag/Merch — TShirts, Hats, Outerwear

The Best Part

The best part of creating The Fallout brand and its messaging is that I got to work with friends to do it. When the team was founded in 2018, we took a picture of just the core members. This very photo was signed by each member, and is now sitting in a frame collecting dust on the wall of the pro shop that sponsors us. Just a little 'thank you' for helping us get the team off the ground.

We're a motley crew, but the bond we've built through competing together is forever.

The Fallout Founding Members
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