DePuma's Gluten Free Pasta Design Collateral

A local Connecticut company, DePuma's Pasta and I have worked together periodically over the years. My favorite piece to come out of our projects is a combination of the product photos I've taken for them and the catalog that goes to all of his distributors.

DePuma's Pasta Trifold Catalog includes a mission statement, photos, descriptions and barcodes for each of the products.
Sample Mozzarella Stick label from DePuma's Gluten Free Pasta

Product Labels

As a startup company with a small budget, DePuma's adheres high quality printed stickers to the plastic containers their 18+ products sit in. The stickers are a bit on the small side, so the challenge here was to get all of the information required onto the labels while still keeping the design relatively clean.

DePuma's Pasta door wrap — two products, enjoy the pleasure of gluten free text, and logo/info

Vinyl Door Ad

DePuma's Pasta can be found in stores like ShopRite and Big Y, and as the product selection has grown, so too has the ability for his brand to be more prominent in-store. While quite popular, the pasta was difficult to find where the bigger supermarkets stocked it — which abruptly came to an end when we were allowed to print and adhere this door wrap.

The door wrap was created in several different sizes, ranging from full door to small square.

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