Connecticut Sun Design Personal Development Project

From time to time, I like to build conceptual art just to keep my chops up. Not only is it a nice reminder that I can put together some cool looking stuff, but it's also a fun way to grow. In most cases (for conceptual art), I try to come up with a theme or slogan prior to building the design so that I have something to build around.

Feed the Fire

Autographs are a seemingly often overlooked way to grow the game. You love to see young athletes meet their heroes, knowing that they, too, can play at the highest level if they work hard enough.

The objective I had in mind for this project was to create a 4:5 ratio giveaway that could be replicated fairly quickly for the entire team, essentially adhering to the same central theme while being unique from piece to piece.

The "Feed the Fire" theme was a potential mid-season slogan that, for the sake of this creative exercise, I made up and assume the team adopted.

Social Stats

With the Connecticut Sun's new logo introduced in January 2021, I wanted to put together a stats graphic to see how the graphical elements might tie together.

Bold Stats

FACT: Every team needs stats graphics. Also fact: Stat graphics don't need to be overly complicated to be effective. Simple as that! And so, after creating the "Feed the Fire" concept (above), I decided I wanted to see something in bold purple, and I mean, how about those 🔥 jerseys?!

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