New England Black Wolves Personal Development Project

As a designer for a technology company out of California, I don't get to do nearly as much sports design as I'd like. To keep my design chops up, and to ultimately use some of the photos I captured during media day, I put together these concepts.

New England Black Wolves Let's Hunt Graphic

Let's Build Some Storytelling

When I first sat down to brainstorm this first concept, my immediate reaction was to go heavy on text and say "oh, hey, come to a game." But the idea seemed obvious — and not nearly as versatile as I wanted it to be. I decided instead to build a graphic that was easy to identify as lacrosse, but didn't hit you in the face with "tickets now available" text.

New England Black Wolves Andrew Kew Wallpaper

Is It Wednesday Yet?

No visual exploration is complete without a wallpaper, especially when it comes to athletics, am I right?! This wallpaper was built around the athlete. I kept it simple, but opted for an overlooked part of the game (the poised walk) that is not often featured. Set. That. Lock. Screen.

New England Black Wolves Let's Hunt Graphic

Immerse Yo'Self

I finished the first wallpaper (above) and said, "let's just stick one of these guys in the wilderness and see what it looks like." Admittedly, I have a love/hate relationship with immersive graphics — they're fun and challenging to build, but they can be overdone if you're not careful. I fell in love with this one, and it found its way into my portfolio. LET'S GO!

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